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The world's first masterclass using microsteps

to breakthrough digital distraction to

unlock time for a more extraordinary you! 

What If Your Phone Helped You Focus Instead Of Distracting You? 
Imagine If Your Phone Charged you...


Let's see if your habits are similar to my past struggles. Do you...

Grab your phone to do one thing, then realize you're a few scrolls deep on social media or your favorite app and not even knowing how you got there? 
End up losing track of time when you check your phone?

Find yourself trying to work - but end up switching from task to task, at the exact moment there is a point of friction? All. Day. Long.
Get to the end of your day feeling drained wondering what you accomplished? 

Do you...

Download apps aimed to you feel better but then can't seem to get into the regular habit of actually using them?

Set and ignore the time limits you have set for app usage?

Feel stuck with your current habits and seem to stay cemented in the exact same dang place you started no matter what you have tried? 


If this sounds like you.
Don't worry - you my friend are not alone...

The problem isn't you. 


You just need a system.


Digital Balance is the system for you.


You will learn to hack your digital habits with science-backed microsteps. 

So instead of ghosting your goals - you'll achieve them!

Ready to uncover a goldmine of your time and
improve how you feel to unlock more extraordinary?

If you unlock one hour a day you will get 15 days of your year back!


Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 11.17.07

Hi - I'm Jessie!

If you unlock one hour a day you will get 15 days of your year back! If you think you don't have an hour to unlock. I. get it. I used to think I had ZERO extra time or energy. 
But I was able to unlock an extra 2.5 hours a day - a whopping 38 days a year! 
Just by up-leveling my relationship with my phone.  
I reclaimed time, health, and found energy and happiness levels I didn't know possible.
I gradually learned from many different sources, over years to optimize my phone use. I learned the hard way. So you don't have to. I am excited to share my step-by-step system with you. So you can learn anywhere in just a few weeks! Learn more about me here
Ready to unlock more of your extraordinary? 

We spend more time on our devices than

with loved ones. Your relationship with your devices is a goldmine of your time.

Digital Balance is not about giving up your phone or devices. Instead, it's learning how to integrate small microsteps to reimagine and improve your relationship. 


Digital Balance helps you transform your days to improve focus + productivity. Learn to gain back your time one science-backed micro-step at a time.  Learn to set digital boundaries with work, your personal life, and with kiddos (if ya have them) like a pro.

A study found that 70% of participants reported smartphone interruptions negatively impacted interactions with their relationships.

Ready to unlock more time you never realized you had + feel nourished?


Here’s what you’ll get enrolling in Digital Balance

Like a "Netflix" series to improve your digital life with skills that last a lifetime! 


  • 5 video modules and workbooks (@1hr/week) ($997 Value)

  • Private Supportive Facebook Community($197 Value)

  • Lifetime Access to Class Materials




Emily N.

I didn't realize how much changing my phone habits would help me feel better. I used to get stuck scrolling far more than I would like to admit. When I finally turned to Jessie for help she guided me to make small weekly changes that took away the scrolling guilt. I have unlocked my time and energy to focus on my goals.


Flora F. 

The NourishX Digital Balance course has genuinely changed my life. It is easily one of the best investments I've ever made because I no longer feel stuck and now I use the time to focus on my goals.


I've told almost every single person I know about this program, and I honestly could not recommend it more.

Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 5.08.12 PM.png

Sarah H.

Digital Balance is perfect for anyone who needs to reimagine their relationship with the devices. The micro habits have helped unlock the time needed while starting my own company. 



 I still use my phone but Jessie has gifted me 10 hours plus of extra time per week which is 21 days a year! I am now using the time to invest in a new revenue stream to grow my business. 


Nikki O.

I'm a productivity guru – I love everything about what Jessie has taught me - I’ve learned so much! I have reclaimed so much time and my workday is so much more productive not having a million open tabs!

Andrew P.

365 ubuntu Andrew Profile Pic.jpg

Digital Balance helped me transform a dysfunctional relationship with my devices into a nourished one. I learned the ways I’m empowered by my phone and unlocked 24 days of my year back. The micro-changes made it easy to maintain progress. I've never been happier with my devices and highly recommend the course!

Created to Optimize Your Device Use
Designed to Nourish You

$2,285 Total Value




What's Included:

  • Entire step-by-step system

  • 5 Video Modules w/ Workbook

  • 2 Bonus Video Modules

  • 8 Weekly Group Coaching Calls

  • Private Facebook Community

  • Lifetime access to all class materials



$2,494 Join Waitlist 

What's Included:

  • Everything in the self-paced 

  • PLUS 6 1:1 30min weekly coaching calls with Jessie to provide extra support

  • Keep your momentum to celebrate your goals

  • Extra accountability & encouragement

Ready for change but can't afford it right now. 

Don't let this hold you back. Please apply for limited scholarships below.  

I see you and it's ok to be right where you are at. 

Improve your phone habits to
change you & the World 
By investing in yourself - you help give back 15%+ to Impact others!

Screen Shot 2020-12-27 at 2.38.58 PM.png


steps to

Level up:

bye bye wasted time

1. Say YES to gaining an

hour (or more?!)

of your time back a week 

"Umm heck Yes!"

2. Select a self-paced or

accelerator course

plan + enroll 

Self Pace 

3. Achieve your next

level and feel

your best!

Boom! I did it. Happy DaNCe!





Don't delay taking your life to the next level and waste

more time distracted. 


You can buy the Digital Balance course right now for less than you would spend on a few fancy dinners out. The benefits from the course will last longer than any meal.  


The course comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So let's get started on your journey together. You got this!


Your future self thanks you!

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