At NourishX we believe in creating a better world by being our best selves. We give you permission to take care of you. It is hard to take the time we need to recharge. NourishX allows you to schedule time to recharge and build community.

"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes including you" Anne Lamot

Driven to focus on our own wellness with a passion to create community. It is our commitment to donate a portion of the proceeds for all of our events to nonprofits we partner to support. Plus unique programing during NourishX One Day Retreats will focus to support local and global nonprofits aimed to excel their missions. Read about our Featured Projects. How cool is that?

Nourished Self. Nourished Life. NourishX.

NourishX is where busy city dwellers come together in urban settings for personal growth, health and community building. We believe that in order to support and honor our world, communities and families we must first support, honor, and nourish our personal wellness needs.


A thriving community can only exist with thriving individuals and NourishX is committed to providing a safe, supportive, and inspiring environment for busy individuals to increase their personal happiness and improve their communities.


Join the NourishX community and learn how food, movement, mindfulness, along with other ancient practices can support your healing journey so that you can feel fully nourished and whole once again.


Step into a NourishX One Day Urban Retreat and be supported by a community of wellness providers offering yoga, meditation, breathwork, nutrition, sound & energy healing along with other secular wellness ceremonies and reconnect with the joy of being alive. 


You will learn how to apply NourishX in your daily routine to help live a healthier life filled with more purpose and joy.

Nourished Self. Nourished Life. NourishX.


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A community builder at heart, Jessie develops real estate projects in San Francisco and is the Founder of Read To Build. NourishX brings her vision into reality of combining community and wellness that caters to the busy urban dwellers.



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