Digital Balance

Online Masterclass


1:1 coaching

I decided to find a way to serve as many people as possible who want to reimagine their habits. The system I created truly transformed my life as I was able to unlock 38 days a year.


After freeing up more time from changing my relationship with my devices. I felt better, had time to start my company to help others with what I learned. Plus I had the time to  become obsessed with online courses. I have now completed 20+ courses that have elevated my mind, body, and business in countless ways. Online learning is like Netflix for your personal transformation.


If you haven't tried any online courses, you're missing out. Time try and see what you will unlock?!?

Digital Balance is the world's first masterclass using microsteps to breakthrough digital distraction to unlock time for a more extraordinary you. The step-by-step system is taught so you can reduce your phone use and learn how to use your phone to charge you. 

I have extremely limited one on one personal coaching available as well to help hack your daily habits to elevate you to your next level.