NourishX is revolutionizing 

how you destress with a Reset Day

designed to impact the world

and leave you feeling nourished.   

NourishX Reset Days are one

day wellness pop-up events 

in alluring spaces.

Destress your body & mind. 

Reset & learn skills to bring

to your daily routine. 

NourishX is focused on Wellness, Community, & Impact.


Spend the day with a specially curated schedule of sessions led by amazing facilitators.


Be surrounded by a present community   experiencing a digital detox together. 


Each Reset Day has a purpose session + 50% of profits are donated to purpose partners to impact the world.

WhY NourishX?

Do you feel stressed? Going non-stop?

Overwhelmed? In need of a break? Don't have time to get away?

You are not alone feeling this way. 

Elevated stress is a result of the modern lifestyle. 

Did you know that 75+% of disease is caused by STRESS

“For the human operating system,

downtime is a feature, not a bug”

Arianna Huffington

Stress is something we must learn to manage before we burn out or get sick.

I learned the hard way. I don’t want you to!

I traded in hard hats and donuts for wellness & IMPACT.

NourishX is your prescription for a Reset Day.

We customize wellness experiences

so you get to destress and learn to make your health your wealth.


What are you waiting for? Click here to join our next NourishX Reset Day.

Sarah H. 

NourishX is a great program for anyone who needs to recenter, relax, or refocus. The content was thoughtful, relatable and applicable to my life.

Trisha S. 

NourishX Reset Day was great to unplug, reconnect with myself and prioritize health and wellness while helping make an impact in the world.

Stephanie M.

NourishX was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect to myself and previous practices that have taken a back seat to the hustle and bustle of daily life, as well as learn.




Mahatma Gandhi

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