Learn to NourishX the most valuable

real estate in

the world - 

your mind & body! 


I am Jessie! 

I am on mission to transform you

from feeling stressed & drained

to nourished & empowered. 

I learned the hard way. 

You don't have to.  

To help unlock the tools within

you to NourishX the most valuable

real estate - the mind & body. 


Driven to serve and create waves

of impact I am a changemaker

and former real estate executive

who converted my previous pain

of health challenges to my passion

to serve you and make an impact. 


We are the architects of our lives

We create the plans for our steps 

We stand together as community

Courageous & kind

Building rituals to Nourish ourselves


Welcome to NourishX on mission to 

Impact the most valuable real estate

Our minds & bodies 

For you committing to NourishX

You will unlock funding to

Empower & impact others 


Grateful for our PARTNERS  joining the mission!


Interested in becoming a partner?

Let's collaborate - fill out a PARTNER form. Thanks!  


Self care that serves - YEP! How cool is that!! It is my belief that everyone deserves the right to have their basic needs met with education, clean water, food, and a home. Join me! 


By being bold and prioritizing you NourishX donates 50% of profits to our purpose partners Pencils of Promise, charity: water, Feeding America and Habitat for Humanity.



Sarah H. 

NourishX is a great way for anyone who needs to recenter, relax, or refocus. The content is thoughtful, relatable and applicable to my life.

Trisha S. 

NourishX is great to learn to unplug, reconnect with myself and prioritize health and wellness while helping make an impact in the world.

Stephanie M.

NourishX was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect to myself and previous practices that have taken a back seat to the hustle and bustle of daily life, as well as learn.


Are you going non-stop? Do you feel overwhelmed? In need of a change but not sure what to do? 

Friend you are not alone! I get it. I was there before. 

Elevated stress is a result of the modern lifestyle. You might be surprised like I was that 80+% of disease is caused by STRESS!


NourishX is here to help you learn rituals to avoid burn out and find your energized self that is ready to be back in action.

I learned the hard way. You don't have to. 

“For the human operating system,

downtime is a feature,

not a bug”

Arianna Huffington

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