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 I reimagined my relationship with my devices and 

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Hi I'm Jessie 

I too used to think I had ZERO extra time or energy. 


But I was able to unlock an extra 2.5hrs a day - a whopping 38 days of my year back. 


Just by reimagining my relationship with my phone. 


I reclaimed time, health, and found energy and happiness levels I didn't know possible.




Founder & CEO at NourishX


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In this Masterclass I'll cover

Working Cafe


Digital Balance helped me transform a dysfunctional relationship with my devices into a nourished one. I learned the ways I’m empowered by my phone and unlocked 24 days of my year back. The micro-changes made it easy to maintain progress. I've never been happier with my devices and highly recommend the course!


Doing the NourishX Digital Balance course has genuinely changed my life. And not in a cheesy and idealistic way, but in a very practical, real, and sustainable way. It is easily one of the best investments I've ever made. Before I started the course I was feeling so stuck. I had a whole list of things I wanted to do, and I knew how I wanted to feel at the end of each day, but somehow that never happened. What has surprised me most is that it's actually been much easier than I thought it would be, and more enjoyable! 

II have told almost every single person I know about this program, and I honestly could not recommend it more.


Digital Balance is perfect for anyone who needs to reimagine their relationship with the devices. The content is thoughtful, relatable, and applicable that helped me implement changes. The micro habits have helped unlock the time needed while starting my own company.  I keep finding more time each week using all the tips I have learned.  

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